No Human Is Illegal Film By Richard Ledes.jpg

No Human Is Illegal (2017)


NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL is a personal encounter with the refugees currently detained on the Greek island of Lesvos made by filmmaker Richard C. Ledes. Members of the filmmaker’s family were Greek refugees that left Turkey when Greece and Turkey expelled their respective minority populations in the 1920s. Ledes connects the current refugees to his own family’s past and to the past of the island. The film includes interviews with the refugees, the inhabitants of the island and the volunteers who are visiting the island in order to assist the refugees. The film aims to promote the agency of the refugees by speaking with them and listening to them. Impossible to reconcile are the beauty of the island and the endless waiting of the refugees, many of them without adequate shelter or nutrition. On the lives of people forced to flee their homes and cross national borders in search of safety, the film provides an historical perspective that is also a personal one.

Director of Photography: Valentina Caniglia, AIC
Director: Richard C. Ledes
Type & Genre: Feature Documentary