No Human Is Illegal Film By Richard Ledes.jpg

No Human Is Illegal (2018)


Completed in 2018, NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL is a unique poetic and truthful documentary about what is arguably one of the darkest and most seminal political historical events of the start of the 21 century: the founding of a zone of exclusion within the Eurozone. The end of March 2018 marks the second anniversary of the ruling body of the Eurozone radically revising its policy regarding undocumented migrants arriving on the Aegean shores of Greece. At that time the European Commission declared undocumented migrants arriving on the Aegean islands would be sent back to Turkey. We were there a few weeks later with our camera on Lesvos—the main point of entry—interviewing people experiencing for the first time camps that had been constructed for the purpose of processing people transformed into concentration camps where people are held today indefinitely. NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL is a compassionate record of the humanity of these people whom Europe cannot send back because its statements contradict its founding principles nor let in but holds indefinitely on its border. Europe was where the formulation les droits de l’homme et du citoyen, “the rights of the human being and of the citizen” was first declared. The long history and breakdown of this formulation witnessed by NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL, the incredible compassion of the volunteers, the conflicting responses of the people living on the island—many of them descended themselves from refugees—and the refugees themselves, all of whom are interviewed individually or as part of their family, creates a uniquely profound film that will remain a vital record of this major confrontation between the principles on which Europe was founded and its current realities.

Director of Photography: Valentina Caniglia, AIC
Director: Richard C. Ledes
Type & Genre: Feature Documentary