Actor Michelle Williams, Working with Her on my First Film


I'm starting to see everywhere Michelle William doing publicity for her first Marvel Comic's film Venom. It reminds me of working with her on my first feature film A Hole In One (watch on YouTube). When Michelle Williams and I first spoke, the night before she had dreamed about reading the works of Sigmund Freud, this was auspicious because my film A Hole In One, is about one somatic treatment for mental illness that became famous in the U.S. in the 1950s.

Having her in the cast, I felt like what I imagine the french must have felt like having Joan of Arc in their army. Michelle Williams is extraordinary. For me the chance to see her interpret a role is always a reason to see any film. In A Hole In One, Michelle Williams plays opposite Meatloaf, their characters play a couple in an abusive relationship back in the 1950's. The term "Abusive Relationship" didn't have the currency then that it does now. Undoubtedly the sad truth is that the abuse of women was more culturally accepted.

When I look back at my first film despite its flaws I still find elements of it worth watching, the performance of Michelle Williams is a very special one of these. It's wonderful today to still be making films and to have her work and my own cross at this early moment in both of our careers.