One Non-Pope Selected Refugee


Of the thirty or forty undocumented immigrants that we interviewed on Lesvos for my film No Human Is Illegal, I know of only four who have made it off the island and farther into the Eurozone. Three of them are a family that were selected by the Pope. The fourth is Shamshaid Jutt from Pakistan. Sham made it to Athens and then to Paris where I interviewed him on a number of occasions. When things didn’t work out in France he journeyed to Italy, where I interviewed him this January by Skype. After the recent elections in Italy where parties using anti-immigrant rhetoric gained increasing power I wanted to interview Sham again. I was surprised when I found out Sham had returned to Pakistan.

No Human Is Illegal . 2017. Shamshaid Jutt.

No Human Is Illegal.
2017. Shamshaid Jutt.